Academic Program

Our Small Academic Groups: Reading, Writing and Math 

Our Small Academic Groups: Reading, Writing and Math

For student who need a more structured, phonics-based approach to reading, we will be issuing an Orton -Gillingham program PRIDE with a combination of Alpha-to-Omega reading program. The PRIDE reading program is a multisensory, Orton Gillingham curriculum for teaching reading, spelling, writing and comprehension.

For students who are fluent readers but need work on comprehension skills, we use the strategic instruction model where the students are using literature to pull the meaning from books. Students conceptualize the cause and effect, find the main idea and supporting details, as well as summarize the story. Once these skills are developed, high abstract concepts are added, such as making inferences. Students also focus on new vocabulary and spelling in a structured, systematic way.

Learning Strategies approach encompasses more than 30 Learning Strategies that help students tackle typical classroom tasks: reading, writing, studying, taking tests, completing assignments, and more. Each strategy addresses a specific task, such as identifying words in text, writing a complete sentence, or taking notes during a lecture. Because Learning Strategies target individual skills, your child can learn just the strategy or suite of strategies he or she needs to compensate for missing or under-developed skills.

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The Full-Day School begins each morning at 9:00 am (Monday to Friday) ends at 3:00 pm. Our holidays generally follow the same schedule as the publicly funded school boards.

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